Elon Musk Burnt Hair: Where To Buy Elon Musk Perfume?

Elon Musk encourages fans to purchase the $8.4K “Burnt Hair” fragrance so he can buy Twitter. Check out the online URL and store locations for Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair perfume in this article.

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The Burnt Hair perfume of Elon Musk.

What does the fragrance “Burnt Hair” by Musk mean? It is referred to as “the essence of repugnant desire.”

The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, does appear to have had a nice year; in 2022. After finalizing the acquisition of the microblogging service Twitter, Musk launched his cologne. It’s not called “The Musk” either; perhaps “Lost Opportunity” would be a better moniker. “Burnt Hair,” an eau de parfum by Elon Musk, costs $100, or around Rs 8,400.

Online Link to buy Elon Musk’s Burnt Hair perfume.

The perfume is available for purchase on The Boring Company website.

Then what? “Burnt Hair,” which Musk has referred to as an omnigender smell because it is appropriate for both men and women, can be bought with Dogecoin.

The smell of Musk’s “Burnt Hair” is characterized as the essence of terrible desire. Be the change you want to see in the world by acting accordingly. Musk tweeted early Wednesday as sales of his freshly launched “Burnt Hair” perfume were brisk online.

Elon Musk Burnt Hair, Where To Buy Elon Musk Perfume?

The fragrance’s first 10,000 bottles have already been sold. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla also updated his Twitter bio to include “perfume marketer.” Later, he made a joke and begged his followers to purchase his cologne so he could purchase Twitter.

The businessman’s Twitter trial was postponed last week by a Delaware court so that Tesla CEO Elon Musk would have more time to finalize his $44 billion acquisition of the social media network. Musk has been trying to back out of his agreement to acquire Twitter for almost three month


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