Franco Gatti Cause of Death: How Did Franco Gatti Die, What Happened To Italian Singer Franco Gatti {EXPLAINED}

Who is Franco Gatti?

Franco Gatti, an Italian musician, and composer was a founding member of the renowned Italian polyphonic group called “Ricchi e Poveri.

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Gatti was a part of Ricchi e poveri, a well-known band in Genoa that was established in the 1960s. The “moustache” of the Rich and the Poor, as Franco Gatti is commonly known, is used by everyone. After his son’s passing and subsequent disappearance, he had abandoned the organization.

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Following the tragic passing of his son Alessio, a 23 years old man, in 2013, Franco had sperated with the organization. He later joined the group between 2020 and 2022. The group competed in the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest in Paris with the song “Questo amore (This love),” representing Italy. With 53 points, the song placed twelve overall.

How Did Franco Gatti Die?
Franco Gatti died at the age of 80, on Tuesday, 18 October 2022. He died peacefully in his apartment

Franco Gatti Cause of Death
Franco Gatti cause of death has not yet been made public. However, it is thought that Franco Gatti developed the Crohn’s disease syndrome after catching the Sars-Cov-2 virus in October 2020. The singer talked about it with Eleonora Daniele on the Storie Italian program on Rai 1.

According to Franco Gatti, “I had it when I was a youngster, and it was gone for 30 years” he claimed. Doctor was employed by Dr. Furnari to treat me, but it had mixed outcomes because it led to gut candida overgrowth and minor herpes. He further discloses

Franco Gatti’s death may not have been brought on by the illness. Nevertheless, it’s still conceivable that Covid and the following recurrence of Crohn’s disease contributed to his severe weakness.

Before his unfortunate death, He leaves behind a wife and daughter. His final TV appearance was in June when he and his wife Stefania were questioned about the passing of their son.


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