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Health Benefits And 5 Side Effects Of Locust Beans – Why You Should Avoid Locust Beans

Health Benefits And 5 Side Effects Of Locust Beans – Why You Should Avoid Locust Beans

Hello people, you all well to 9ja observers into the article we would be taking about locust beans.
It Health Benefits And 5 Side Effects Of Locust Beans, we would also be taking a look at Why You Should Avoid Locust Beans.
Without wasting your time let’s look at what locust beans and after that, we would look at their health benefits and 5 side effects of locust beans.


What Is Locust Beans?

Locust beans is a famous food seasoning traditionally utilized by Africans and the world beyond. Locust beans or Africa locust beans is an extraordinary name to several people around the world. It is recognized that locust beans belong to the plant clan called Mimosaceae of the Leguminosae, it is often called “Neatehtu” among the Wollof tribe in The Gambia and Senegal, in Nigeria, it is called “Dawa- Dawa” by the Hausa, Iru by the Yoruba’s and “Ogiri” by the Igbos of Nigeria.

Locust beans have been utilized for several years by some communities in the African continent, it is not a common food commodity but medicinal sustenance and a source of earnings for the poor masses. OurLocust bean is a regional seasoning or condiment used in soups and stews. the shell of the locust bean tree is also utilized as a vapour inhalant to relieve toothache and ear problems. It is similarly utilized as a treatment for leprosy, bronchitis, skin disorders, sores, ulcers, malaria, hypertension, and various diseases. When the husk is mixed with lemon, it rebuilds and heals injuries and ulcers. So, Possessing this kind of tree is a gift to the African continent

Locust beans have been used as a flavouring and adding taste in cooking soups and stews. It is boiled and fermented through a procedure that requires continuous boiling until is handy for fermentation.  It is an extremely common soup ingredient, globally, it is known as African locust bean with the botanical name as Parkia biglobosa. It is a very important component in traditional African cuisines, it grows in lengthy slender pods when premature, it is leafy and dark brown when mature.

Locust beans contain soft pulp and seeds, the yellow pulp which comprises the seeds that are utilized later to the formulation of the locust beans after being cooked and fermented before you can eat up it or utilized in our daily soups and stews. Locust bean is a black strong-smelling seasoning that is prosperous in lipid, protein, and carbohydrates. These aside, Locust Bean is the single, most substantial ingredient pledged to take your soups, stews or different vegetables to a higher level

Where Can Locust Beans Be Found?

Locust beanscan mainly be found in the African region, It can be found in a vast range of environments in Africa and is mainly grown for their pods that comprise both sweet pulp and valuable seeds. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Locust Beans

It reduces fever, Heals Wounds, improves a healthy weight, Improve digestion, helps in controlling blood sugar level, Treats hypertension etc.

1. It Help In Reducing Fever

Reducing fevers is one of the great Health Benefits Of Locust Beans. Eating a good portion of locust beans can lessen fever. It was traditionally utilized to ameliorate high fever which is still practised in some rustic African communities and also sends away evil spirits because of its horrible odour. Locust beans contain numerous valuable nutrients which are nurtured by the body. Thus eating healthy African locust beans will lend you good health.

2. It Helps In Blood Control

Reducing Blood pressure is another Health Benefits Of Locust Beans. Different researchers from numerous communities have been conducting experiments on Locust bean and it has been tested on mice to find its impacts. And it is shown that it can regulate blood pressure because it assists in decreasing arterial blood pressure when you eat the right quantity. It is moreover a good choice for spicy or seasoning cubes and contains tannin and astringent substances seen in numerous plants.

3. It Help In Improving EyeSight

Improving our eyesight is another great Health Benefits Of Locust Beans, this is because of the natural components and nutrients found in locust beans, therefore, eating a lot of locust beans will assist you to have a reasonable vision, particularly for people with eye problems like cataracts, minus eyes, and myopia. Similarly, it has been shown that locust bean assists driving away hypertension and diseases ailments like stroke and diabetes

4. It Help In Curing Diarrhea

Due to the enormous proportion of tannin found in locust beans, It comprises astringent materials found in several plants. Foods that are abundant in tannins are frequently proposed for the treatment of diarrhoea.
Because it is a prosperous source of tannins and as such both the seeds, roots, stems, barks, fruits, flowers and leaves can be used for treating gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhoea and ulcer. So, Curing of ulcers is a great Health Benefits Of Locust Beans.

5. It Help Reducing Cholesterol

Health Benefits Of Locust Beans include Cholesterol reduction.
Cholesterol which can inflict some blockage within the blood vessels can bring about heart problems. Eating plenty of locust beans can boost your body to control the quantity of cholesterol found in your body.

6. It Help In Treating Hypertension

Hypertension is also recognized as high blood pressure usually happens when a long-term medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently heightening above the ordinary level. Treating hypertension is a great Health Benefits Of Locust Beans. Therefore eating an adequate quantity will help in lessening hypertension. That’s why Yoruba people declare that boost the immune system, especially in immunocompromised people.

7. It Assist In Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Because of its soluble fibre, it has revealed great potential advantages in controlling blood sugar levels. So, therefore, eating a lot of locust beans will help you regulate blood sugar levels.

8. Dermatological Properties

Dermatology is Health Benefits Of Locust Beans that favour a great number of people. The root, bark and leaves of the locust beans can be made fragrant, soaked and used for bathing by people undergoing skin illnesses. It can moreover be applied to the skin to calm burns.

9. It Assist In Treatment of Respiratory Infections

It can be infused or soaked in liquid for treating respiratory infections such as pneumonia, bronchitis, cold, cough and fever. The patient has to drink and gargle on the concoction.

10. ItAssist In Improving Indigestion

Indigestion is one thing that happens to everyone once in a while. however, Eating a good amount of locust beans can boost digestion. Because good digestion will lend you a healthy body as the excretion procedure in the body will be reduced and this will stave off constipation.

11.Health Benefits Of Locust BeansIncludes Adding A Healthy Weight To Persons Body.

Being Skinny is not healthy and vice-versa which is occasionally not easy to be natural weight or just gain weight for underweight. Consuming locust beans will benefit you naturally gaining weight.

12. It Heal Wounds    

As credited above it can be used to treat ulcer wounds internally by consuming the beans as well as outer wounds. The leaves when pounded can be applied to wounds and the bean can be pasted on the wound to heal the wounds.

Side Effects of Locust Beans (Iru/Ogiri Or Dawadawa)

One of the huge side effects of locust beans is that they can cause purging. Eating huge quantities of locust beans is dangerous to your health. That is Why locust beans Should be taken with precaution.

Health Benefits And 5 Side Effects Of Locust Beans - Why You Should Avoid Locust Beans
Locust Beans

Purging is an eating disorder that involves recurrent episodes of purging (self-induced vomiting, or misuse of laxatives, enemas, or diuretics) and/or compulsive exercise in an attempt to control weight or body size.

The most common type of purging is self-induced vomiting.  Vomiting is an attempt to get rid of the foods that may cause her to gain weight.


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