John Lyon The Kidnapper Biography | Everything You Should Know About John Lyon And His Brother

The multi-millionaire kidnapper  whose name is John Lyon was captured on a viral video on Saturday, September 24, 2022, by security personnel.

John Lyon The Kidnapper Biography Details Summarization.

John Lyon is a wealthy Abuja big guy and Sinzu spender who acquired his riches through abduction operations of innocent peoplJohn Lyon The Kidnapper Biography | Everything You Should Know About John Lyon And His Brother. David Lyon, his older brother, came close in being the elected governor of Bayelsa State in 2019.

John Lyon previously held a position with Sterling Bank, a well-known commercial bank in Nigeria. Before John Lyon arrest, he operates a home improvement company called “Lyon Interior Hub,” which he uses to hide his kidnapping activities.

John Lyon The Kidnapper Age

John Lyon the Kidnapper was born on December 22, 1986. He is currently 38 years old as the time of writing this report.

John Lyon The Kidnapper Education

John Lyon The Kidnapper is a graduate who graduated from the university of Calabar, (UNICAL) 


John Lyon The Kidnapper Family And Brother

David Lyon, John Lyon’s elder brother, ran for governor of the state of Bayelsa in 2019. In the 2019 gubernatorial election, the All Progressives Congress (APC) previously supported David Lyon for governor of Bayelsa.

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Despite being proclaimed the winner, the Supreme Court invalidated his election a day before he was scheduled to take office as governor after concluding that his running mate, Degi Eremienyo Wangagra, had provided INEC with a forgery.

The supreme court ordered that the second-place PDP candidate for governor, Douye Diri, be awarded a certificate of return and inducted into office.


John Lyon The Kidnapper Way Of Life {Lifestyle}

John Lyon gained notoriety for flaunting significant sums of cash on social media, encouraging his followers to “hustle,” and motivating young Nigerians by emphasizing the importance of hard labor.

He also posted pictures of himself at APC events acting as bodyguards while dressed in police uniforms, as well as at church services where he can be seen singing and praising God.

In addition, he gave millions of dollars to musicians and entertainers while using his interior design business in Abuja as his primary source of income.

In pubs and clubs, he lavishly spends money. You might find watching viral videos interesting. John Lyon is detained in Abuja for kidnapping as Sinzu Spender.



John Lyon The Kidnapper End Of The Road

The video of the alleged kidnapper, John Iyon, popularly known as IK- Kpai- Kpai, went viral when he was captured in Abuja on Saturday after being tracked from Bayelsa state.

In the popular video, John Lyon The Kidnapper could be seen begging with other guys while sobbing, “My Wife Just Had A Baby.” He said.

One of the men questioned about his operation, though he claimed to have only been involved in the kidnapping of two people since he admitted to being a part of the group that took him.

But it was thought that his cover had been blown when he was found and arrested by a top-notch police unit in Abuja on Saturday.

David Lyon was captured in viral videos knelling on the ground after his arrest. wailing uncontrollably, and pleading for mercy while wearing only his boxers and being handcuffed.

David Lyon said that he had not kidnapped more than two people, but a man who claimed to be one of his victims disagreed with him and said that he did.

The individual went on to describe how he had been kidnapped by David Lyons’ organization, who then demanded a hefty ransom in return for their release.

He and his men recently kidnapped a bank employee named Danjuma and were successful in demanding over 50 million naira; they have now admitted to the crime.


John Lyon The Kidnapper Net Worth

John Lyon is a multi-millionaire kidnapper, whose net worth is estimated at $300,000 dollar.

John Lyon The Kidnapper Biography |

John Lyon The Kidnapper Biography |


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