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Kunle Adeyanju Biography: Real Name, Age, State Of Origin, Family, Wife, Parents, Nationality.

Kunle Adeyanju Biography: Real Name, Age, State Of Origin, Family, Wife, Parents, Nationality.

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Kunle Adeyanju Biography
Who Is Adeyanju?

Kunle Adeyanju is a London-based Nigerian adventure biker, entrepreneur, and author, who become popular after making a bike trip from London to Lagos to raise money for charity.

Kunle Adeyanju Biography Summaries

Full Name of Kunle Adeyanju: Kunle Adeyanju

Date of Birth Kunle Adeyanju: 1970s

Kunle Adeyanju Age: – years

Kunle Adeyanju State of Origin: South-West, Nigeria

Kunle Adeyanju Nationality: Nigerian

Kunle Adeyanju Tribe: Yoruba

Kunle Adeyanju Parents: Mr and Mrs Adeyanju

Kunle Adeyanju Net Worth: _$

Kunle Adeyanju Biography
Early Life And Educational Background

Kunle Adeyanju was born in the family of Mr and Mrs Adeyanju who is from Nigeria. However, ample detail about his parents is not certainly known.

Kunle Adeyanju Educational Background

Kunle Adeyanju completed his primary and secondary education in Nigeria and later visited Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. When he was still on campus, Kunle joined the Rotary Club.

Kule Adeyanju Parents
Who Is the father and mother of Kunle Adeyanju

Kunle Adeyanju was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Adeyanju who is from South-West Nigerian.

Kunle Adeyanju State Of Origin
Which states Is Kule Adeyanju From

The particular state of Kunle Adeyanju is yet to be unknown, however, it was made known that he is from Western Nigeria, which is mainly Yorubas

Kunle Adeyanju Age
How Old Is Kule Adeyanju

Kunle Adeyanju was born and brought up in Nigeria by Nigeria parents, However, His certain age is not known by the public

Kunle Adeyanju Wife
Who Is Kunle Adeyanju Wife

Kule Adeyanju is said to be married to a Nigerian lady, meanwhile, he has never shared details about his personal life or relationships.

Kunle Adeyanju Instagram And Twitter

Kunle Adeyanju is on Twitter and Instagram.

Kunle Adeyanju Net Worth

Throughout his career, Kunle Adeyanju is rich and successful, however, his net worth is not yet known.


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