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See How To Protect Your ATM Card – 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

See How To Protect Your ATM Card – 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

Do you know that people can take all the money in your account with the 16 digits number on the front face of your debit card? It is also known as a Permanent Account Number or PAN. The first 6 digits are your Bank Identification Number and the rest 10 digits are your Unique Account Number. While at the back is your CVV. It is a three-digit number. For certain types of debit cards, it could be a four-digit number. So, in this piece of article we would tell you How To Protect Your ATM Card, 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine, Which will also include how to protect yourself while making transactions in the ATM.

ATM may be stationed in Student Center, financial institutions, shopping malls, convenience stores, etc., or free-standing. But the nicest place to make a transaction using an ATM machine is in financial institutions. Do you know Why? Because in the bank institution the CCTV camera is always active and all of them are working properly, then free-standing where some of the CCTV cameras are not working and no security personnel are stationed in this location. Additional, Banking institutions is also good because you can easily step into the bank if you have issues with the ATM or your card stuck inside the machine.

So, without wasting your time let’s get down to business. Here is See How To Protect Your ATM Card – 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

1. Never Write Your Identification Number (PIN)  Down Or Share It With Anyone While You’re In ATM Machine: I have to seem on several occasions, people can’t even remember their pin. To make the matter worse some people even write it down on pieces of paper and when coming to make a transaction, they always come with it. It is not advisable to disclose your pin code to anyone, not even family members. It’s also a good idea to update your PIN once a year to keep it fresh. See How To Protect Your ATM Card – 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

2. Never Talk To Anyone Or Ask Them For Assistances: when you’re making a transaction in ATM unfortunately you begin to have issues. Don’t ask people for assistance. The best thing to do is to call the bank officials who are currently working in the bank institution where you’re making the transaction to verify the issue. This is the reason why I made it known that the best place to make transactions with ATM is in a bank institution. Several, people usually make a story about how they forgot themselves after asking people for assistance in an ATM. Although am a living testimony of this kind of story.

A couple of months back I went to a public ATM stand to withdraw some cash. While doing my thing a guy who was beside me started asking me some unnecessary questions based on how to use the machine. As a good guy I began to answer him, the moment I started to have conversations with him I lost myself, I lose control of myself to the extent of forgetting my card in the ATM slot.

After leaving the ATM without my card, the man diverted me to the ATM I recently use to take my card. Fortunately, a woman who was at my right called me back, telling me that I forgot my card, she also said that the man I helped was trying to take the card. From that day forward I stop talking to people while in ATM because you won’t know what is coming ahead. So, on your next visit to the ATM, keep these safety precautions in mind and proactively don’t talk to anyone.

See How To Protect Your ATM Card.. What You Should Keep In Mind When Visiting ATM

1. When Visiting ATM always be conscious of your surroundings, especially in the evening. If you see any uncertain activity, like someone staying for a few feet away or if there aren’t any lights around, prevent utilizing that machine and locate another in a better public location.

2. Always come with someone when using an ATM. If you can’t locate Someone, use an ATM that is fixed in a known public area like a comfort or grocery shop. Because shop staff are there to assist and you will have video supervision from both the store and the bank. Additionally, Have your debit card ready to go as you reach the ATM. If you want to search for it through your handbag or wallet, you will offer criminals an additional opportunity to grab you off guard.

3. Always use your body to “block” the ATM keyboard as you type your PIN. If an individual looks like he is trying to see what your doing, step away and come back later. Always take your tickets or transaction records with you. This will prevent any of your private data from getting into bad hands. Also, do not count or show any money you obtained from the ATM.

It is advisable to place the cash in your purse or wallet after taking your money out of the ATM, immediately and count it later. If you are utilizing a drive-up ATM, be sure passenger windows are rolled up and all entrances are locked. If you flee your car and trek to the ATM, lock your car. See How To Protect Your ATM Card – 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

4. Lastly Check the ATM for a card skimmer. A card skimmer is an appliance connected to the payment aerodrome of an ATM that is utilized to embezzle your card data when injecting your card to withdraw money. You can always notice a card skimmer with your examination. If the card reader space feels loose or is oddly a several colour scheme than the bank’s branding, or the keyboard doesn’t feel good (too thick, buttons don’t press easily, etc.), these are always indications that a skimmer is in position.

If you maintain this advice and tips in mind, you will be additional familiar with what is going on around you and assist you in eliminating any probable danger to your economic and biological well-being. See How To Protect Your ATM Card – 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

See How To Protect Your ATM Card - 2 Things You Should Never Do In ATM Machine

9ja Observers‘ number one emphasis is to protect you safe and encourage you to organize your finances. so, keep these security precautions in mind and proactively safeguard yourself from both types of crime at an ATM: identity theft and encounters with criminals.

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