Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman – How It  All Started, And Everything We Know About Them

Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman – How It  All Started, And Everything We Know About Them

It all started in 2016 when the popular minister and Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, was into coitus opprobrium involving him and a Canada-based night musician, known as Stephanie Otobo.

Stephanie who broadcasted a set of bad screenshots of the chart of her and pastor Suleman, claimed, that Mr Suleman impregnated and dumped her. Not only that, but she also alleged that Suleman declared open marriage to her.

Stephanie announce that she and Suleman began their relationship in 2015 after Mr Suleman confided to her that she was divorced and needed additional male children. Their relationship succeeded to an end when Stephanie found out she was pregnant in September 2016 and notified the pastor. However, Stephanie lost the pregnancy after she claimed that she was given a concoction to drink by Suleman.

Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

Meanwhile, Apostle Suleman refuted all the declarations. However, To prove that she was having an with the pastor. In a video clip uploaded online, Otobo cited the document, which exhibited a sequence of huge deposits allegedly made by the pastor into her account. This was to backup up her statement, that Apostle Suleman had sent her money numerous times to shut her mouth up.

Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

After Suleman denied the allegations, Stephanie put up a legal action through her lawyer. She formally documented a petition asking the police to examine multiple allegations against the pastor. In a letter to the Lagos State Police Commissioner, in February 2017, she charged Mr Suleman with criminal procurement of abortion, a threat to life, and attempted murder. Stephanie’s petition to the police came days after she told reporters at a press meeting that her friendship with Mr Suleman culminated after the pastor started to claim he wanted a sexual action that comprised a threesome.

In the request, Stephanie claimed that the chaplain notified her he was divorced from his wife and vowed to marry her after meeting with her family for a legal overture.Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

Stephanie disclosed that she renounced her lucrative career and properties in Canada because Suleman promised to buy her a house in Nigeria and came back to the country only to be dumped by the pastor.

In another letter dated March 3, her lawyers demanded N500 million in damages and gave Suleman a seven-day ultimatum to meet her demands.

Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

Reacting to the petition, Pastor Suleman took it to his Twitter to refute the accusations. “They said I did an introduction, will I not meet with her family members if I did? The truth of the matter is that she was hired by some people who are unhappy about my ascendancy, to come from Canada for the blackmail,” he said.

Mr Suleman had also filed a defamation suit against Stephanie in November but the matter is being stalled by the latter’s absence in court.

As the matter keeps coming up, Stephanie Otobo’s mother starts making some disclosures on the s*x allegations against Apostle Johnson Suleman by her daughter. Speaking to correspondents in Sapele, Delta State on Thursday, March 23, 2017, Mrs Otobo said that she had not seen Stephanie in the last three years.

Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

She also renounced being with Stephanie at the headquarters of Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi for the plausible introduction ceremony. She indicated that she had never met Apostle Suleman. She also said she had never been to the Omega Fire Ministries warning that “those manipulating her daughter against the man of God would be exposed.”

On  9 May 2022, Stephanie Otobo comes up with another allegation. Stephen otobo took it to her social media to release screenshots that documented when she had nude video calls with the cleric and even shared a photo she claimed was his genital.

Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

Sharing the photos, Stephen otobo made it known that she never planned to release the photos, pointing out that apostle Suleman pushed her to the wall and the only way she could fight back was to cry out and made everything known.

However, Apostle Suleman hasn’t Said anything concerning the viral screenshot. We will always keep you updated.

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Stephanie Otobo And Pastor Suleman

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