Who Is Stephanie Ekwu? Is Stephanie Ekwu And Chizoba Nwokoye Related? {Find Out Here}

Who Is Stephanie Ekwu? Is Stephanie Ekwu And Chizoba Nwokoye Related?

Rumours are going around, people are alleging that Queen Nwokoye is related to Chizoba Nwokoye. however, we will assume that the two actresses bear the same surname which is Nwokoye.

Who Is Stephanie Ekwu

Chizoba also known as Sharon Chizzy, the alleged sister, twins of Queen Nwokoye, is a fast-rising Nigerian actress and social media sentiment who recently become popular after featuring in some Nollywood movies.

In the view of others, Chizoba Nwokoye and Queen Nwokoye may share the same surname and state of origin, but they are not closely associated in any way. The two actresses have also not provided any clue about them being family connected.

For the siblings of Queen, there are no facts of Queen Nwokoye’s sisters or brothers being an actor, actresses or known to the public except for one young lady called Nwamaka Nwokoye, who the actress enrolled to the public on a social media platform called Instagram. Queen introduce the lady as her sister and No additional facts about Nwamaka were disclosed.

However, from the Instagram link the actress broadcasted, the woman may be into the hair business.

About Queen Nwokoye And Chizoba Nwokoye Parents

Queen Nwokoye’s parents were devout Catholics who infused moral Catholic moralities in their kids.  This is because her mommy and grandmother were both teachers. Though the moral parental upbringing brought about her to be more devoted and shy as a child, it assisted her become the prosperous woman she is today.

She also acknowledged that the level of profession and decision in her career and family were stocks of what her parents induced in her during her younger years.

Though, Queen Nwokoye’s parents are no longer alive. They both died in 2019, with their demises happening within half a year. Still their death was relatively difficult for her, the movie celebrity is thankful to them for moulding her into the woman she is today.

Is Stephanie Ekwu And Chizoba Nwokoye Related?

Stephanie Ekwu and Chizoba Nwokoye

Chizoba Nwokoye and Stephanie Ekwu are they sisters? Are they related? Is Chizoba Nwokoye and Stephanie Ekwu twins?

The answer is No, Chizoba Nwokoye and Stephanie Ekwu are not sisters and they are not related biologically. They are only lookalikes, they match each other and act as movie sisters. Chizoba Nwokoye and Stephanie Ekwu are both featured in ‘Identical Twins’ as twin sisters.


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